For furniture removal companies to come up with a price quote there are certain factors that they put into consideration. These factors include travel distance, date of move, accessibility of the premises, items to be moved, and adds on services just to mention a few. These factors are going to be explained below:

What is location? Location is a particular place or position. Location contributes a lot to the final quote that one can get from any furniture removal company. Do you live far from town? Will the removal company have to drive on a small dusty road on a mountain pass to get to your place? Height and weight restrictions in some plantations can be challenging for the movers. In addition, stairs or lifts and long carrying distances must also be calculated. The more difficult it is to access a location, whether for collection or offloading, the more manpower and planning will be required. More so, more time to allocate to the collection and offloading. So location contributes to the final quote that you can get from a furniture removal company.

Items to be relocated
Secondly, the quantity of the items to be moved also contributes to the final quote that the moving company can give to a client.For one to benefit from getting accurate removal quotes, one needs to be exact. Movers need to know the sizes, types, and weight of the items to be moved. You are not expected to know how much everything weighs. Their representatives work on averages. They know the average size of almost everything like fridge, bar stool, coffee table, dresser, wardrobe etc. This is why it is very vital to first list everything that is going to be moved. Only then should you call companies that are willing to send representatives to your home to assess the sizes, types, numbers, and dimensions of the items to be moved.

Distance to be travelled
For vehicles to move from point A to point B there is need for one to put fuel. Fuel is expensive as well as truck maintenance. We have to also add the cost of toll fees and the fees that trucks must pay for carrying heavy loads on particular roads, and you will see that travel distance really contributes a lot to a quote. You as a potential client you have to provide the start and destination addresses when requesting furniture removal quotes. Movers also take the total number of workers, man-hours worked, distance from their depots to the collection and delivery addresses, and other overheads into consideration when they provide quotes for moves.

Add-On Services
We start by defining what Add on services are. Add-On Service is a type of service that cannot stand alone and can only be added to an existing service. Not all furniture movers include everything in their quotes. Some break down the quotes to indicate what portion is for collection, delivery, packing or unpacking, storage, cleaning, and more. For movers to come up with a quote there also have to know the Add On services that are going to be involved during the relocation process.

Date of move
Why should it matter whether the relocation takes place on Monday, Thursday or Sunday? You might be wondering, why it is important for movers to know whether the move is at the start, mid-month, or end of the month? Movers plan ahead to ensure that they have trucks available for the specific dates and times. The quote of relocating during the week differs with the quote of weekend relocation. A move that takes place over a weekend or public holiday can cost more, because the workers must be paid more. So for them to come up with a final quote they have to know when the relocation is planned to take place. 

Where to get an accurate quote
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